Creating fun chores for the Summer holidays

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Creating fun chores for the Summer holidays

Daily living is full of useful opportunities for a child's development. The home environment is often where the child feels most comfortable resulting in it being the most rewarding setting for their learning. Developed motor skills including bilateral integration when pouring liquid from a jug to a cup, core strength is increased when hoovering and cognitive skills are enhanced when setting the table because it requires sequencing and organisation.

Activities and chores are carried out everyday in our homes and it is natural to incorporate children into them for, not only their development, but also to provide them with the important life skills required for their independence as they grow older. This independence will assist with other activities of daily living as their confidence grows.

Click on the links below to download four fun chores to enhance your child's development and learning this Summer holidays.

Colour Eating

Sensory Cooking

Laundry Fun

Setting The Table