Introducing Somna's Sensory Products

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Introducing Somna's Sensory Products

Sensory Bound are delighted to announce that we are now selling Somna's sensory products through our website.

Their weighted Blanket, Vest, Comforter and Collar are all manufactured with chains and designed to relieve agitation and anxiety.

The chains, that are sewed in individual pockets, follow the body's contours which gives the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced, which helps increase body awareness. It allows the user to move freely and comfortable without feeling weighed down with a bulky and stiff product.

The Chain Weighted Blanket and Comforter both have a two-in-one function with one chain side and one padded side. Using the padded side against the body provides a deep, pleasant pressure for the user while the chain side will provide greater stimulation.

The Chain Weighted Vest is very thin and can be worn under a jacket or coat if the user feels uncomfortable wearing it in front of other children. A detachable collar is also supplied providing extra pressure stimulation to the shoulders.

The Weighted Collar can also be purchase on its own and helps reduce tension in the body and shoulders. Laying on the chest and down between the shoulder blades. It applies pressure to the muscles and gives the feeling of being embraced. It also helps improve the user's posture benefiting their growth, development and balance.

All the items can be loaned for free for 10 days for you to try before you buy. Please email to request a loan form.