Getting your child through Christmas Day

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Getting your child through Christmas Day

Even as an adult Christmas Day can be stressful so imagine what it feels like for autistic children. Familiarity is key so for an ordinary day to suddenly become a busy and loud day with visiting family members and unusual food and toys, anxiety levels can rise. Here's a few little tips to get you through the special day:

  1. Prepare them for a crowded house. Tell them who will be coming to visit and at what time so they can mentally prepare.
  2. Prepare a calm place for them to go if they become to overwhelmed. Put a pop up tent in a bedroom where it will be quiet and dark if they need a time out from the festivities.
  3. Wrap up so old favourite toys so they are familiar and reassuring. Don't overload them with presents. Too many bows and sparkly trimmings can cause visual sensory overload.
  4. Whether you are eating at home or going out, make a packed lunch. Unusual foods, such as brussel sprouts that are only eaten at this time of the year, can cause panic so have their favourite sandwich ready to prevent a meltdown.

Sensory Bound wishes your family a very Merry Christmas!