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Helping your child manage  their sensory needs

Helping your child manage their sensory needs

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What we do

Sensory Bound provide Sensory Integration Assessments and Therapy for children aged two and over in the South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire areas. We also offer Physiotherapy, Rebound Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Clients can attend sessions at the centre or our specially trained therapists can travel to home or school for treatment.


Sensory Bound uses specialist assessments, treatment and therapy interventions, reporting and monitoring including those with educational statements, medico-legal reports and attendance at SENDIST tribunals.


Sensory Bound tailors therapy sessions to each child's unique behaviours and environments providing recommendations to use at home and in school.


Sensory Bound aims to provide solutions for everyday challenges so the child can reach their full potential in emotional, functional and occupational living.

What clients say

"You always feel welcome at Sensory Bound. The staff are warm, compassionate and understanding. Bradley is becoming more vocal and is starting to jump on our home trampoline, something he couldn't do last summer. Sue always makes him feel comfortable and makes it fun and a good relationship between the therapist and the child is key to progression."

– Bradley, 12, Rebound Therapy

"Sensory Bound is brilliant! Staff are always friendly and work at Ashley's pace. They let him take charge but also direct gently. Ashley has built up a true relationship with Sue. I would definitely recommend Sensory Bound to other people. "

– Ashley, 6, Rebound Therapy